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American texas gay intergenerational dating

They may minimize the relevancy of the older generations' information because the younger generation feels more contemporary.

But, as the younger generation experiences typical life events (marriage, work, parenthood), a renewed respect for family elders often ensues.

The "Four Rs" of respect, responsibility, reciprocity, and resiliency that generally characterize intergenerational relationships are discussed and illustrated.

Implications of these qualities for support and service provision are described from social systems and continuity perspectives.

Adult children make extraordinary sacrifices in supporting older relatives because they feel responsible to provide care.

Responsibility may be grounded in a feeling of obligation or "pay back" for all the older generation previously did for the younger generation.

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As younger generations experience the usual benchmarks of maturation such as getting married, living independently, becoming parents, and developing a work pattern, relationships between the generations tend to become closer (Belsky & Rovine, 1984; Suitor & Pillemer, 1988; Roberts, Richards, & Bengtson, 1991).For example, there is a 60 percent chance that a 60 year old female will have a living parent (Watkins, Menken, & Bongaarts, 1987), and it is likely that she is also a grandparent (Robertson, 1996).These intergenerational relationships are characterized by respect, responsibility, reciprocity and resiliency.Regardless of the generation (older, middle, younger) of focus, respect, responsibility, reciprocity, and resiliency are evident within the relationships, and these characteristics are relevant to individuals who work with older people and their families.These characteristics can be used as foundations on which to further strengthen intergenerational bonds.

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