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Arcgis server 9 2 updating cache

A status of "Yes" is written to the Cached field after successful completion of cache generation for that feature.# Script Name: Update Fused Map Server Cache # Description: Updates a fused map server cache # Uncomment sys.argv[] lines to accept arguments from the command line.If the Arc GIS Desktop products, Arc Map and Arc Catalog are at 9.2 Final but Arc GIS Server is at 9.2 Service Pack 1 or higher, the cache is not recognized.The file structure changed from Arc GIS 9.2 Final to Arc GIS 9.2 Service Pack 1.

The File version for this Patch should read: Sun Solaris, SUSE Linux and Red Hat Linux (Intel) To find out what Arc GIS products are currently installed on your machine, download and extract the Patch and run Patch Finder utility from your local machine.

The name of the Map Service to use to manage the cache tiles.

Note: Make sure you have a tiling scheme defined for your map service before using this tool.

If ANTIALIASING is checked, edges of lines, borders, and text will be smoothed. For example, if you are caching a country, you might supply a feature class of major urban areas.

By doing so, you are requesting that the server only pre-create tiles that cover those urban areas.

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This utility provides a report detailing which Arc GIS products and which service packs have been installed.

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