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is done in the same timezone as the current instance.

There are several different methods available to create a new instance of Carbon. It overrides the parent constructor and you are best to read about the first parameter from the PHP manual and understand the date/time string formats it accepts.

Unfortunately the base class Date Time does not have any localization support. The implementation makes a call to strftime using the current instance timestamp.

If you first set the current locale with PHP function setlocale() then the string returned will be formatted in the correct locale. The testing methods allow you to set a Carbon instance (real or mock) to be returned when a "now" instance is created.

to Iso8601String(); // 2019-02-01T- // Be aware we chose to use the full-extended format of the ISO 8601 norm // Natively, Date Time:: ISO8601 format is not compatible with ISO-8601 as it // is explained here in the PHP documentation: // // We consider it as a PHP mistake and chose not to provide method for this // format, but you still can use it this way: echo $dt- so all of them will ignore milli/micro-seconds before PHP 7.1, then take them into account starting with 7.1.Note: I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and if the timezone is not specified in the examples then the default of 'America/Toronto' is to be assumed.Typically Ottawa is -0500 but when daylight savings time is on we are -0400.You'll hopefully find yourself rarely using the constructor but rather relying on the explicit static methods for improved readability. All Date Time Zone parameters have been augmented so you can pass a Date Time Zone instance, string or integer offset to GMT and the timezone will be created for you.This is again shown in the next example which also introduces the $now = Carbon::now(); $now In London Tz = Carbon::now(new Date Time Zone('Europe/London')); // or just pass the timezone as a string $now In London Tz = Carbon::now('Europe/London'); // or to create a date with a timezone of 1 to GMT during DST then just pass an integer echo Carbon::now(1)- can represent a relative time (next sunday, tomorrow, first day of next month, last year) or an absolute time (first day of December 2008, 2017-01-06).

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ASTM A671/A671M GRADE CA 55, CB 60, CB 65, CB 70, CC 60, CC 65, CC 70 7.