Dark fantasy adult chat site

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Dark fantasy adult chat site

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, this design is used with additional gold coloring along the raised section around the slots. It cannot be sold or thrown due to Cloud using it in cutscenes and minigames.

The Buster Sword has a base power of 18 and a base accuracy of 96%. On the title screen, the Buster Sword appears suspended over the ground surrounded by a black background.

It used the design seen in the Compilation with the ornamental base.The Buster Sword is Cloud's weapon in his normal outfit, with its design based on the original Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII, but more detailed.The Buster Sword glows orange when using an HP attack, referring to the Limit Break system in Final Fantasy VII.During the ending of Advent Children Complete, Cloud moves the polished Buster Sword to the Sector 5 Church.The Buster Sword's origins are revealed with Angeal Hewley as its original owner, whose father had the blade forged when Angeal joined SOLDIER.

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Behaving in a similar manner to Angeal and Zack, Tidus attacks with the sword's blunt edge.