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Amidst her grief, Ridley finds herself wondering what happened in the small Nova Scotia town three weeks ago, and concludes no definitive answer is possible."He might have been having flashbacks....The only two people who know what happened are not here," Ridley said in an interview from her home in Sudbury, Ont.

The couple, who had been together for about 15 months, had moved east to renovate a home and begin a new life together.

Poulin's PTSD diagnosis extended back to his three tours of duty in Afghanistan, in particular a devastating roadside explosion that killed a close friend and left him with a brain trauma."Marc did get depressed around certain dates: Remembrance Day and the date his friend died in Afghanistan," wrote Shane Mac Donald, who is Poulin's cousin and who sent an email on behalf of his wife's family.

Mac Donald wrote that Poulin was medically released from duty in 2013 and was placed in a four-week military course for soldiers with PTSD leaving the military.

He said Poulin joined a support group and "had brief interactions with a social worker" after he became a veteran.

Woodward said after his suicide attempt, Poulin was prescribed medical marijuana, seemed to not take his medication with the same regularity, and she observed the visits to the couple's therapy sessions decreased. Alexandra Heber, the chief psychiatrist at Veterans Affairs, said the Springhill murder-suicide is a "terrible, terrible tragedy," and said there will be an internal review."We need to keep in mind how rare an event this is," she said of the murder-suicide.

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Law enforcement sources in Columbus, Ohio tell us they received a 911 call Saturday at around 2 PM ...