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He said he remembered me, told me to come over, so I did.

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So he starts picking up on the neediness and starts pulling away and then you start “bitching him out” and forcing him into feeling guilty and apologizing.

But at the root of it, it’s not that he has anything to apologize for; the root cause is your own neediness and desire for him to like you back, now that you are ready to like him. With that said, I don’t think this is something that can’t be easily repaired and improved.

I think you should find some other things and/or people to occupy your time.

Give him opportunities to connect with you, but don’t put off doing other things just to wait for him to call back.

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Hands Up, I'm The Boss Hands clap, Fingers snap Nod you head, to the beat, Now dance, in the streets Music is loud, here comes the breakdown Come on DJ bring play that song, spin the record all night long Come one DJ, come on come on Come on DJ bring play that song, everbody sing along Come on DJ, come one come on Cue drums, Cue bass Get your grill, out of my face Feet shuffle, Fists scuffle Hands and feet, move to the beat Wanna fight?

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