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Dating kroehler dressers

Until 1800, all the antique mirror glass in America was imported.Antique glass is thin (less than 1/8 inch thick), variably wavy, and somewhat gray in color.Phyfe was one of the rare early century cabinetmakers who actually used paper labels and tags to identify some of his work.In fact, some items can be dated by the address on the label, since his shops constantly expanded and the streets were renamed.

A one-board top, made from a single piece of wood, is a good indication of age.

(You can judge this by noting the veneer edges on the backs of chest tops, for instance, or wherever bits of veneer have broken away.) Modern veneers are thin, with every slice exactly the same width.

Antique Period table pedestals are often reinforced with a hand-hammered metal disk or a tri-part metal strap where the legs join.

To determine if a piece of mirror is old, hold the tip of a key to the glass.

The closer the tip of the reflected Image IS to the tip of the actual key, the more likely it is that the glass is old.

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