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I told how how I felt, and I wished she would be with a guy that respects her and allows her to be.... It's not just her either, all White Woman that date Puerto Ricans I have ever met all end up down that same path with the exceptions of the few that realized they made a mistake and leave their Puerto Rican Boyfriends.

All his friends are that way as well, their Girl Friends can only speak to others within their family or social group, and they have to be present.

However, it’s thought that secret Jews did settle in the island, living in remote mountain regions where few people would notice their curious way of life.They expect their Girlfriends or Wives to stay home, tend to them hand and foot while they are out joy riding picking up other Woman.She says he treats her good,and I ask by what standards?At least one secret Jew, Louis de Torres, sailed with Columbus, and Columbus’ voyage was financed by Spanish Jews.Puerto Rico was formally incorporated as a colony of Spain in 1508, which made it off limits to any potential Jewish settlers under pain of death.

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A small handful of these soldiers remained in Puerto Rico and formed the core of a nascent Jewish community in the southern town of Ponce. Noah Shepard served as an unofficial leader of this group, and Rabbi Adolph Spiegel, who had served in the US forces, remained in Ponce for several years.

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