Ethopia mobile sex

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Ethopia mobile sex

Geneau R, Lewallen S, Bronsard A, Paul I, Courtright P. The perceived need for sight and for surgery appears partly socially constructed at the family level.

Utilization of eye care services in rural south India: the Aravind Comprehensive Eye Survey. 3476 (72.7%) of 5150 subjects examined required eye care examinations.

Low uptake of eye services in rural India: a challenge for programs of blindness prevention. Poor visual outcomes were observed in surgically treated persons.

The social and family dynamics behind the uptake of cataract surgery: findings from Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania. This study sought to describe and understand better the barriers that elderly cataract patients in Kilimanjaro region (Tanzania) experience at the family level in order to access surgery.

This database is provided for the general public as well as for Unite For Sight's Global Impact Fellows participating in our Global Impact Lab. Lack of knowledge about cataract and concerns about the quality of local services appear to be the primary barriers to cataract surgery in rural China. The leading reasons identified were monetary constraints (18.8%), transport difficulty (17.4%), lack of awareness about cataract in the eyes (17.4%) and lack of escort (14.5%). The mean delay between recognition by the caregiver and presentation to hospital was 34 months, almost 3 years.

Database sorted by year of publication: A two-site, population-based study of barriers to cataract surgery in rural china. Increasing access to cataract surgery in a rural area--a support strategy . Delay in presentation to hospital for surgery for congenital and developmental cataract in Tanzania. Long delay in presentation was associated with having developmental cataract, living far from the hospital, and low socio-educational status of the mother. A field trial was conducted to compare the effects of eight health education and economic incentive interventions on the awareness and acceptance of cataract surgery.

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He M, Chan V, Baruwa E, Gilbert D, Frick KD, Congdon N. Older subjects were willing to pay less, blind subjects were significantly more likely to pay anything for surgery, but would pay on average 255 renminbi (US 32 dollars) less. The study reveals that the main factors behind patients' WTP for cataract surgery are (1) the level of perceived need for sight and cataract surgery; (2) the decision-making processes at the family level and (3) the characteristics of local eye care programs. Stigma, fatalism and ageism were other limiting factors. We identified several factors influencing the treatment-seeking behaviors of parents and guardians, including gender relations within the household, local health beliefs about cataract and cataract surgery and the ability of health care professionals in primary and secondary care settings to adequately inform parents and guardians about cataract and cataract surgery. Barriers reported by patients included being told by the doctor that the cataract was not mature and a perception by the patient that there was no need for surgery. A blindness prevalence of 8.2% (95% CI 5.8%-10.5%) was found among the sampled population.

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