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Dividends and share buybacks do not change the fundamental value of a company's shares.

Dividend payments must be approved by the shareholders and are managed by the board of directors.

In addition, realized capital gains from the portfolio's trading activities are generally paid out (capital gains distribution) as a year-end dividend.

Total return is an important performance metric to follow for dividend investors as it factors in the value of the dividend in its performance calculations.

Assume, for example, that you are a stockholder of a firm and you don't like its dividend policy.

If the firm's cash dividend is too big, you can just take the excess cash received and use it to buy more of the firm's stock.

Larger, established companies with more predictable profits are often the best dividend payers.

These companies tend to issue regular dividends as they seek to maximize shareholder wealth in ways aside from supernormal growth.

In either case, the combination of the value of your investment in the firm and your cash in hand will be exactly the same.

Investors seeking dividend investments have a number of options including stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and more.

The dividend discount model, or Gordon growth model, can be helpful in choosing stock investments.

If a company has a long history of past dividend payments, reducing or eliminating the dividend amount may signal to investors that the company could be in trouble. A company that issues dividends may choose the amount to pay out using a number of methods.

Economists Merton Miller and Franco Modigliani argued that a company's dividend policy is irrelevant, and it has no effect on the price of a firm's stock or its cost of capital.

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A dividend is a distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided by the board of directors, paid to a class of its shareholders.

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