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Sex dating in racine wisconsin

I went to Railroad Avenue, a cute little area that was once the business center of town and is now in the midst of revitalization.

A strip of stores and bars operate out of historic buildings centered around a railroad crossing.

I stopped for a wine tasting at a beautiful little wine dealer and bought a bottle of delicious Zinfandel.

At first I assumed it was the guy at the senior apartments, but it had actually been a postal worker who had watched from across the street while I photographed the Chevrolet Dealer.Haskell Ave, the main road through town, is flanked by so many abandoned buildings, it looked like a scene out of a post-apocalyptic movie.Willcox reminded me of Needles, California, but smaller and with less traffic.The statues have been removed, but were beloved artifacts from Carter's Hamburgers, which previously occupied the space.] I snapped a few pictures and was about to leave when a man in a motorized wheelchair appeared out of nowhere. I explained that I thought the place was abandoned and was just taking pictures. Two American flags mounted on the back of his wheelchair waved in the breeze.Thin and frail with graying skin, he spoke through an electrolarynx, which gave his voice a frightening mechanized quality that startled me when I first heard it. Just as I finished admiring the abandoned Sands motel, a police officer approached.

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Several abandoned buildings remain, but the old-west style architecture lends authenticity to the area's historic feel rather than making it seem run-down.