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Sexy roleplay at parachat

Since first announcing his plan in February 2015, Canavero has given a brief outline on how the surgery would work.The patient's head would be cooled down to about -15C. The patient would be kept in a coma for about a month to prevent any movement, while their spine would be stimulated with electrodes to strengthen nerve connections.(HINT: you don't even need a web site to get a free Para Chat room.) I'd rather pay a reasonable fee for more features and no advertisements. Para Chat offers full-featured, ad-free services for personal, small business and enterprise web sites.

site=bp8360&room=Lobby How can I get one of these free chat rooms for my own site?Easily and quickly embed a free Para Chat chat room in your own web site!Start by comparing our free Para Chat Basic and free Para Chat Basic Plus services.At present, Canavero is planning to carry out the world's first head transplant in December 2017.However, details of the operation have been lacking and many experts have heavily criticised the plan, saying it is not possible – or ethical.

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But Canavero has never been able to prove that he has succeeded in a head transplant on an animal."If Canavero really had found a revolutionary technique to reconnect the spinal cord, then why not apply it to people with spinal cord injury before attempting a head transplant?

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