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It involves reading the PMBIA Reference Guide and completing the Level 1 Worksheet.Please note the reading and worksheet takes approximately 2 - 3 hrs to complete.The specific riding competencies are outlined in more detail in the Level 1 Course Booklet.WRITTEN ASSESSMENT: Candidates must read the PMBIA Reference Guide, Level 1 Course Booklet and complete the Level 1 Worksheet, prior to the course commencing.Below are some of the main examples of the riding and teaching skills required on the PMBI Level 1 course.Candidates should be able to guide students safely, while effectively teaching using the PMBI Skill System, teaching models and terminology.

New instructors learn the tools they need to safely and effectively teach, while experienced instructors will increase their level of skill and understanding in teaching and riding theory, that the PMBI Certifications uniquely provide.Given the significant difference in riding, teaching and instructor training experience between candidates and Course Conductors, try to also remember that a candidate’s impression of their own or a fellow candidates’ riding or teaching skills, may often differ to that of the Course Conductors.All course assessments are final and should be respected, given the extensive and ongoing, professional training and experience held by each and every PMBIA Course Conductor.The specific teaching competencies are outlined in more detail in the Level 1 Course Booklet.RIDING COMPETENCIES: Candidates must show consistent, comfortable and correct riding technique on green and blue technical trails, to effectively demonstrate the Six Skills of Mountain Biking.

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Some people pick up teaching straight away, teaching more clearly and simply than others who have taught for years.