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“This may be because, while it is easy to meet individuals via Tinder, it may also be very easy to get caught, as a percentage of our participants also indicated they saw people who they knew were in relationships on Tinder.” In their study, Weiser and Niehuis, an associate professor, found two personality traits they said could predict a person's likelihood to cheat on a partner: willingness to engage in sex outside of a committed relationship and intention to engage in infidelity – that is, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, would you be willing to cheat?

“We expected that these same personality traits that predict in-person infidelity would also be associated with engaging in infidelity via Tinder,” Weiser said.

Tech fans shouldn’t expect the same year as last season, but this will definitely be a NCAA tournament team.

As far as the ladies, don’t expect much from them in the next couple years.

Shelton’s date in the comments below, and she’ll vet you all and make a decision. Her only requirements are that you take her to Tech games and you bask in her awesome #Raider Love.

“We know technology has enhanced relationships in many ways: long distance couples are able to more easily communicate, and you can meet partners outside your social network or with special interests.Right now, the Tech bats are hot and we may have the best player in the Big 12 (Grant Little) and the best starting pitcher in the Big 12 (Davis Martin).I expect Tech to win the first two games with Martin and Caleb Killian starting and then have the third game up in the air. On the surface, Tech is losing six of their top eight scorers, that is pretty damning for virtually every program in the country not named Duke or Kentucky.“Our results are consistent with previous research and suggest Tinder may be one way college students meet extradyadic partners.” Ironically, although the numbers show college students are using Tinder to find partners outside their relationships, many of these same participants said they weren't sure Tinder was a good way to do so.“The participants are quite mixed though as to whether Tinder is an effective way to meet extradyadic partners,” Weiser said.

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This answer is easy, there’s no one more hipster than Jeramey Gililan.

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