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Updating git

This means that you can use git checkout -p to selectively discard edits from your current working tree.

See the “Interactive Mode” section of git-add(1) to learn how to operate the --patch mode.

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represent two very different architectural approaches. Until I get further along I have no way of knowing which one (if either) will work.

First, you'll take the unusual step of declaring in advance that what you're about to commit is a merge, without git doing anything at all to the files in your working directory: . If you were to commit right away, it would make no changes but it would still show ancestry from the other branch. and you'll have a lot of explaining to do in that commit message.

This solution does that, but may be tedious if there are many files. It's useful you have radically different file changes between versions--in my case, changing an app from Rails 2 to Rails 3.Roughly speaking, you use which allows you to add just parts of a hunk, if you want to split different changes to an individual file (search in that page for "split").Having split the changes, you can now cherry-pick just the ones you want.Approaches I've considered: You use the cherry-pick command to get individual commits from one branch.If the change(s) you want are not in individual commits, then use the method shown here to split the commit into individual commits.

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Obviously you'd want to commit your changes, but who's to say you don't have some other related tweaks you want to do before making your commit.