Updating host file in vista Finger chat adult

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Updating host file in vista

Modifying your hosts file lets you view and test a site on one server while the rest of the world continues to see the site on another.

That makes it an essential tool when migrating your website.

This question has duplicates on SO, such as HOSTS file being ignored However, these tend to deal with a specific case, and once whatever mistake the OP made is found out, the discussion is over.

If you don't happen to have made the same error, such a discussion isn't very useful.

To be on the safe side, make sure all lines in your hosts file either use tabs or spaces, not both. There is a registry key specifying the location of the hosts file.

Supposedly, Windows doesn't actually support putting the hosts file in other locations, but you might want to check. If everything is blank and "Automatically detect settings" is checked, you aren't using a proxy.

Consequently the name might not resolve, or worse yet, resolve to a completely different machine.A number of "gotcha" mistakes can cause this, and it can be frustrating to figure out which one.When faced with the problem of Windows ignoring a hosts file, what is a comprehensive troubleshoot protocol that may be followed?Once I connect to a network, everything works as expected.Obviously, without a network I can't ping hosts etc.

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If you copied and pasted hosts entries from somewhere, you may end up with multiple spaces.