Updating old bathroom cabinets who is dating derek hough

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Updating old bathroom cabinets

If the end of a strip falls between studs, attach it with a mooring screw or expansion bolt.Using the wall strip as support, install a corner cabinet or one that fits against back and side walls less the filler distance. Secure the first cabinet in place and install the rest of the base cabinets as you did the wall cabinets.If the wall is not level and flat, cut the filler piece to conform to the wall’s shape. Using a miter box, cut and install cornices and molding.

I took the door, the drawers and the top dummy panel off and gave all parts including the base a good sanding.Place a small scrap of wood between the clamp and cabinet surface to prevent scarring.Using the highest point of the floor, measure up 4 5/16 inches and draw a level line on the wall.However, the current state of it just wasn’t doing it for us.It felt old and heavy in the space and needed a good refresh for our vision to come to life. First up was removing all of the doors and drawers, and sanding the entire unit down.

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And the best part: no need to strip off the old finish first! I’ve already picked out my paint to cover up my outdated faux finished paint, and now I’m moving on to the fun stuff. Here’s a peek at the finished product: Here’s what I started with: We got this cabinet at Home Depot when we first moved into the house. But it really hasn’t stood up to the abuse my two kids dish out every day.