Updating ps3 via storage device is bridget marquardt still dating hef

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Updating ps3 via storage device

If you backed up to an external hard drive beforehand, plug your drive in, go to System Settings Restore and follow the prompts.

If you just copied your game saves (like me), just pop your memory card back in and copy them over.

Surprisingly, Sony not only allows such modifications, they it. Hard drives have come down in price significantly, so a huge drive is pretty affordable.

The PS3, aside from being a game console, is also a pretty powerful media center. Its worth noting, all that you need is a drive capable of 5400rpm and 1.5gb/s. All of the PS3's system data is stored away safe and sound, far away from your shaky, nervous hands. If you use the correct tools, take your time, and follow directions, it'll be fine.

Just use a memory card or usb flash drive and save your game saves. Anything you download from the Playstation Store is infinitely available to re-download. I spent about bucks altogether and ended up with four times the hard drive space and a new external drive. Using your thumbnail or a small, flat head screwdriver, pop it off.

If the flash drive is new and contains no data, you can skip this step.

Find the icon for the USB drive, and right-click on it. If you are unsure which drive it is, simply unplug the USB drive, plug it back in ,and see which drive reappears. You can also give the drive a name no longer than 12 characters by entering it in the "Volume label" field.

You will feel the SATA and power connectors engage. Flip tab down and secure the hd with the blue screw.

Turn on the ps3 and it will recognize that it’s a new hd.

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Turn off the ps3 and unplug all cables from the rear. On the right hand side of the ps3 you will see a plastic tab with an HDD sticker.