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Although Musharraf has taken the only decision he could in the circumstances to condemn terrorism and comply with all of Americas demands it is still a very high price to pay in order to remain a friend of America, she wrote.

Many Pakistanis feel that America has been a selective friend and that the Afghans are their more natural allies.

The daughter of the late billionaire businessman and politician Sir James Goldsmith, Jemima converted to Islam at the time of her 1995 marriage.

The following year, her husband founded the Justice Movement Party and ran for prime minister a few months after the bomb explosion at his hospital.

The 41-year-old comedian gave his partner Laura Gallacher - who is expecting the couple's first child - the gift of an Alsatian puppy, which he has... The lothario comedian - who was previously married to Katy Perry and has been romantically linked with stars including Kate Moss, Jemima Khan and Geri Halliwell - has confessed to... The 39-year-old comedian - who reportedly split from Jemima, 40, last month after a year of dating - confessed ''life is hard'' now he no longer gets to spend time...

Russell Brand ''really enjoyed'' being married to Katy Perry.

In her article, 27-year-old Jemima, who is currently visiting the UK, expressed her belief that military action will almost certainly increase terrorism in the long term and destabilize an already volatile region.

As demonstrators took to the streets of Islamabad to protest their government's agreement to let the US use their airspace and intelligence information, Jemima said that Pakistans President Musharraf had been forced to take a decision which either way would propel the country into financial, economic and social turmoil.

The 40-year-old heiress reportedly dumped the 39-year-old comedian, who is known as a notorious lothario, last month following just a year of dating. British actor/comedian Russell Brand has reportedly split from his girlfriend Jemima Khan after more than a year together.

But the evidence against him must be watertight, otherwise the danger is that he may be viewed in Muslim countries simply as a scapegoat for the terrible crimes that have been committed against the American people, she said.

Jemima said it took her hours to contact her husband in Pakistan after the attacks in the US, and when she finally did so, he expressed his concern that all Muslims will now be seen as terrorists.

She's also never met anyone who is so adventurous in bed. She's being as pleasant as possible, but any mum would be terrified at the thought of Russell Brand squiring their precious daughter," the source said."Her friends are worried, it's to do with what he says about people he knows and that he's slept with so many people."Earlier in September, the lovebirds left partygoers red-faced when they went over the top with their PDA at PR boss Matthew Freud's London pad.

An insider said: "Russ and Jemima were curled up together, and what started out as flirting quickly got embarrassingly passionate."Pretty soon, they were wrapped up in each other and wriggling around like teenagers. In the end, Matthew went over and had a quiet word."Brand was previously married to Katy Perry and Jemima's ex-husband is Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan.

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Khan, who has been dating the actor/comedian on and off since last year (13), has revealed one...