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Who is turtle dating in real life

Turtle's importance is at times overlooked as his insight and personal connections sometimes solve difficult issues.For example, his acquaintance with rapper Kanye West allows the guys to fly to the Cannes Film Festival in Kanye's private jet after their previous plane was too small to fit everyone.Senior pagosa springs christian singles and churches who want to be in new york to the streets to party and get to know.Salvatore "Turtle" Assante, (Born August 6,1977) is a childhood friend of Vincent Chase's from Queens.He is mainly seen wearing jerseys of New York athletes such as Allan Houston and Alex Rodriguez, and a baseball cap, usually the New York Yankees.Despite his parasitic relationship with Vince, his loyalty and friendship temper his baser qualities, like working with Eric to protect Vince from a vindictive internet journalist.

Loving the music, Turtle gets a track into Queens Boulevard and agrees to manage the promising musician, played by real life rapper Saigon.He is the only one of the main characters who is not directly involved with the acting business.Born on August 6, 1977 and raised in Queens, NY, Turtle is a childhood friend of Vincent Chase, Eric Murphy, Johnny 'Drama' Chase and Dom.His activities after this episode in terms of producing considerably diminish. At the end of Season 3, Turtle is dating Kelly, the daughter of body shop manager Rufus.In Season 4, Turtle invests ,000 in his cousin Ronnie's scheme to buy a dying Sandy Koufax's jersey, hoping that he will profit after Koufax dies.

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However, Turtle learns from the auctioneers that Koufax is actually alive and well, and he has therefore squandered the rest of his Saigon money and a large sum of Drama's money.

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